ZF ProAI P170A

ZF ProAI P170A active air cooling

Active air cooling
Up to 170 TOPS
24 x 14 cm standard housing

Standard board

The supercomputer’s modular set-up means it can be equipped with System-on-Chip (SoC) variants from different manufacturers – depending on the planned application and the computing power required. The connectors are compatible with all common plugs on the market. Also, ZF has relied on the highest level of flexibility regarding software. In addition to in-house solutions, the supercomputer also runs programs and operating systems of the OEMs or third-party developers.

Enabling new vehicle functions and tapping their full potential: The AI-capabilities of ZF ProAI are optimized for deep learning processes, further enhancing its ability to deliver advanced safety features. The board offers a 360° GPU-driven fusion of all available sensor data, including environmental measurement data from radars, LiDARs, cameras and audio patterns.

‎ZF also provides a measurement data interface (MDI) for ProAI to forward the collected sensor data unaltered to a central storage system for development and testing purposes. This makes it much easier for developers to train artificial intelligence for autonomous driving.

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