Soft Top Module



Audi R8 Spyder (Type 4S)

The soft-top module is located behind the seats. It consists of the components roll-over protection system, soft-top, soft-top well and rear window compartment. The multi-joint hinge for the soft-top compartment cover, which is made of CFRP, is also part of the soft-top module. 
More than 20 lateral links and arms on each side guide the roof bows and the rear window frame when the top is raised/lowered and make sure it moves in exactly the right way. Those multi-joint hinges are mounted on a 2-piece main pillar, as are the right and left main mountings.
The fully automatic electro-hydraulic drive system with five cylinders opens and closes the top at driving speeds of up to 50 km/h – even with headwinds of up to 50 km/h. Thus, the soft top can withstand a wind load of up to 100 km/h with a moving convertible roof while driving.
Even in extreme curves, with up to 1 G of lateral acceleration, the soft top opens and closes easily. 
Weight of soft top: 44 kg • Weight of the entire module: 109 kg 
Time to open/close: 20 sec.
Opening and closing function up to 50 km/h + 50 km/h headwind

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