Rear Wings Actuation – Servos and Mechanism

The UTA wing solution is a five-element configuration with a slat, main plane and three flaps.

Servo motors packaged in the main plane

The first flap is controlled by one servo, and since the top two flaps do not have as much moment on them, they are both controlled by the second servo and coupled together on the outside of the wing.

MKS DS1009



To control the wings, servo motors were integrated into the main plane and a light weight carbon linkage used to connect each flap to the motor, producing a very light weight actuation system. The motors themselves are controlled by a UTA-designed onboard computer that takes various sensory inputs from the car, calculates the optimum wing position based on the track scenario, and outputs the wing position to the front and rear wing in real time without any driver input. Track data has already shown large gains in acceleration as well as higher cornering and straight line speeds. 

closed position


open position

Flap actuation linkage (Source: UTA Racing)

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