Powertrain Domain Control Unit PDCU100


Calculates and distributes torque request to various powertrain control units (engine, electric motor, battery, transmission)
Enables CO2 savings via predictive driving algorithms
Communications gateway
For passenger vehicles (12V)
Centralization of functions for reduced number of ECUs
Core: Tricore TC275
Flash size: 4 MB (OTA Flash optional)
Interfaces: Up to 4 CAN-FD and LIN, up to SENT
​Inputs: Up to 25 analog or up to 21 digital
Drivers: 6 high- / 19 low-side / 7 configurable LS/HS outputs, up to 4 H-bridges
Housing: sheet metal, 3 connector chambers
Connector pins: 128
Size: 205x144x35mm
ISO 26262, AUTOSAR 4.2

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