Horizon Matrix 2 Autonomous Driving Computing Platform

The passively cooled Matrix 2 utilizes Horizon’s automotive-grade Horizon Journey 2 AI processor and supports operation under a wide range of environmental conditions. The computing platform includes field-tested algorithms to deliver highly accurate vision perception for applications ranging from ADAS to fully autonomous robotaxis, shuttles, trucks and delivery fleets.
Each Horizon Matrix 2 can support up to 4 high-definition real-time perception video streams with a 3-Matrix system-level solution of 12 cameras (8 narrow FOV and 4 fisheye) to allow 360-degree vision perception. Horizon Matrix 2 can be tailored for multiple use cases and operating design domains (ODD). The bundled perception software supports up to 23 classes of pixel-level semantic segmentation, comprehensive 2D/3D object detection and classification of multiple vehicles types, pedestrians, cyclists, traffic lights and traffic signs.

Horizon AI training tool chain supports mainstream frameworks such as TensorFlow.

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