Aston Martin VH structure

  • Chassis: Extruded aluminium bonded monocoque
Modified DB9 aluminium chassis, aluminium roof, all other body panels in carbon fibre composite, steel rollcage
Like the DB9 and its sibling DBR9 and DBRS9 race cars, the DBS uses Aston Martin’s class-leading all-alloy VH (Vertical Horizontal) architecture, a lightweight bonded aluminium structure that provides outstanding strength and rigidity.
Aluminium chassis and carbon transmission tunnel joined by a structural, hot curing adhesive
Carbon fibre Tunnel: 9 layers of biaxial fabric (+I-45″) with local uniaxial reinforcements, RTM process using epoxy resin. Wall thickness varies from 4 – 9 mm thick
Aston Martin V12 Vanquish has an extruded aluminium substructure with carbon fibre A-pillars.
Braided directly around a polyurethane foam core, the A Pillar utilises the unique attributes of a truly structural composite component; complex geometry, constantly varying sections, low mass and anisotropic material properties. The A Pillar provides the structural integrity of the vehicle in roll over in addition to providing the windshield aperture and bond face for the one-piece bodyside.

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