Electro-Mechanical On-Demand (EMOD) Transfer Case

The heart of BorgWarner’s new EMOD transfer case is a motor-driven rotational cam mechanism which provides both robust clutch control and range shift function. 

2019 Ram 1500 4×4 pickup truck

Patent pending Electro-Mechanical clutch actuation 
Precise and linear clutch actuation 
Concentric range shift cam actuation (no shift rail) 
Position stable full-lock capability 
Compact chain and gear drive options 
Proven controls and vehicle systems integration 

Pre-emptive and immediate response 
Enhanced vehicle traction and stability control 

For hill parking, the system offers the capability to hold front/rear locking torque when the ignition is off. In addition, the EMOD transfer case is equipped with BorgWarner’s HY-VO driveline chain, optimized for high efficiency and durable performance.

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