BorgWarner Integrated Drive Module (iDM)

The iDM product is an eAxle unit that combines transmission, electric motor and inverter in a compact integrated design.
The iDM family comprises three distinct products known as iDM 90, iDM120 and iDM160.
These offer a scalable and modular architecture along with a wide range of gear ratios.
Operating at 250 to 450 volts of direct current (V DC), they have peak power densities of 90 kW, 120 kW and 160 kW respectively, at a nominal level of 330 V DC.
CAN/CAN FD, FlexRay optional
State of the art Power Electronics for lowest losses
Full Software Functionality with option for high level controls as vehicle dynamics and energy management
IPM Machine
HVH (high voltage hairpin)/SW (S-wind) Technology for small package and high efficiency
Developed and optimized for iDM in terms of NVH and integration
2-Stage Reduction
Ratio 11 –12.5:1 for iDM
Optimized for high drive cycle efficiency and lowest system NVH
Innovative passive lubrication system for lowest losses
Optional Park-Lock System with integrated actuator/ECU

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