BMW Central Tunnel Hydrogen Storage

BMW technology demonstrator vehicles 2015 with CGH2 (Compressed Gas) and CcH2 (Cryo-compressed Gas) storage

Next vehicle & infrastructure

Zero Emission
Focus on vehicles with high energy demand
Range > 500 km (6-8 kg H2)
Fast refueling (< 4 min / 6 kg)
Optimized safety oriented vehicle package & component integration
Loss-free operation for all relevant use cases
Compatibility to upcoming infrastructure standard

Cryogenic pressure vessel

Active tank pressure control with in-tank heat exchanger 
Integrated in vehicle body with load-bearing structure 
Additional fuel cell cooling 
Cold and ambient refuelling possible (300 – 320 bar)

Pressure vessel (Type III)

Active tank pressure control
Load carrying vehicle body integration
Engine/fuel cell waste heat recovery

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