Bionic Lightweight Fist Caliper 17″ FA 57/22/5

This hydraulic, bionic lightweight fist caliper shows weight reduction possibilities based on reduced electric vehicle requirements
Assumed are significant reductions in thermal loading and brake applies
Based on the study of natural bones, new truss structures (e.g. for the stiffening of double-wall construction) are applied to this concept caliper, with the goal to build as stiff and light as possible

Mass reduction by max stiffness with topology optimization / targeting bionic structure
Optimized drag torque FA caliper design with active retraction elements

Wheel 17″
Effective radius 112.8 mm
Disc ø x disc thickness 288 x 163 x 22 mm
Piston ø 57 mm
Pad area x thickness 66 cm2 x 5 mm
Backplate thickness 5.5 mm
Δlg / ΔVg 0.49 mm / 1.85 cm3
Housing material / weight Al / 1.6 kg
Anchor material / weight GGG / 1.4 kg
Weight caliper assy 4.2 kg

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