ZF ProAI RoboThink

Standard SOC + dGPU (150)
up to 150 TOPS
​up to 600 TOPS
However, 600 TOPS of computing power requires four interconnected units from the scalable, modular RoboThink platform, which can drive power consumption in the 800-1000 W region. The significant increase in computing power comes from the use of the NVidia dGPU “Turing”, which supports Nvidia’s SoC “Xavier”. The Turing can also be found on the Pegasus boards of the graphics chip manufacturer in double version.

​Thanks to this computing power, the control box is able to process the data stream from internal and external sensors, cloud-based input, and car-to-X communication in real time. This is enough to safely operate autonomous vehicles from level 4 on in public transport – a prerequisite to support future application scenarios such as ride-hailing services; from designated areas with fixed routes such as company or campus areas to significantly more complex environments in public transport.

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