ZF 8DT 8-Speed Hybrid Dual-Clutch Transmission

Integrated 100 kW hybrid module
Maximum 400 Nm torque
Integrated hang-on all-wheel drive
System output 850 Nm / 500 kW (Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid)
​30 miles electric range (14.1 kWh)
Max. electric speed 87 mph
In terms of mechanics, the lubrication system consists of two pumps which are coupled via the hydraulic control unit. The software, Cool Oil Flow Management (COFM), which is stored on the transmission control unit, ensures the coordination and regulation of these complex processes. Depending on the driving conditions, it continuously determines the present volume flow requirement for all transmission components. Based on this, COFM sets the oil flow as needed and utilizes both pumps to supply the required amount. In addition to this, COFM determines the cooling requirements of the gearing for each gear, specifically, and constantly provides the required oil flow for each sub-section of the transmission engaged in power transmission at that point in time.

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