Yorkshire Water’s Newly Converted Hydrogen Vehicle

The vehicle has been converted from a standard truck to use hydrogen dual fuel, an approach that allows fleet managers to transition more quickly to low carbon operation.
Last year the water company, in a joint statement with other UK water companies, set out its pledge to reduce the industry’s carbon emissions to net zero by 2030. By converting a 7.5-tonne clean water tanker and removing the reliance on diesel, the vehicle will contribute to that target by using 33% less carbon.
Over the last six years Yorkshire Water has been working to reduce carbon emissions, and in 2019 achieved an 80% reduction in operational emissions compared to 2005. Amongst the measures to reduce carbon, the company is developing a 10-year plan to decarbonise its fleet, including introducing electric vehicles and piloting the use of CNG and hydrogen powered vehicles.
The first hydrogen vehicle in the company’s fleet, delivered by Yorkshire Water Innovation, is a 7.5-tonne large goods vehicle (LGV) clean water tanker, which will be deployed in the supply restoration team in South Yorkshire.  It will refuel at ITM Power’s hydrogen filling station at the Advanced Manufacturing Park, Catcliffe, where wind power is converted highly efficiently to hydrogen.
This project is the first step in exploring how the company can use hydrogen to its fullest potential as a zero carbon fuel and create value to keep customer bills low.

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