Transmissions for the Electric Drive in the Audi e-tron


Axially parallel layout

The electric transmission in a parallel axis arrangement accelerates the front axle of the SUV. It also has an integrated parking lock for very high loads.
The first transmission stage is a planetary gear set, in which three planetary gears and a radially freed ring gear convert both torque and speed. The sun gear is positively locked with the motor’s rotor shaft via splines.

Coaxial arrangement

Schaeffler’s transmission in a coaxial arrangement drives the rear axle of the Audi e-tron. It is characterized by a highly integrated stepped planetary gear set combined with a spur gear differential. This results in a good utilization of space in the vehicle.
A sun gear wheel pressed onto the rotor shaft interlocks with a stepped double planetary gear and, in conjunction with a ring gear mounted on a floating bearing in the housing.
The coaxial variant provides a comfortable rear-wheel drive and selection of the parallel axis variant on the front axle enables all-wheel drive. The core of the entire system is the planetary gear set with a highly-integrated spur gear differential developed by Schaeffler.

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