Transmission for Mild-Hybrid Vehicles (Concept)


Hybrid system
1-motor 2-clutch parallel hybrid system
Vehicle drivetrain
Max torque
Transmission mechanism
Clutch CL1
Dry multi-plate clutch
Clutch CL2
Wet multi-plate clutch

The transmission for mild-hybrid vehicles, which combines an existing CVT with 48V electric components, enable to use smaller batteries and motors than those of the transmission for strong-hybrid vehicles, while achieves sufficient fuel efficiency improvement with less cost. It adopts the same “1-motor and 2-clutches system” as “Jatco CVT8 HYBRID”, which is already available in the market, and realizes very high fuel efficiency through EV driving. EV driving ratio is 40% in NEDC mode, and fuel efficiency improves by 15% to conventional CVT8. This transmission also contributes China’s 2025 fuel-economy regulations. Designed with the same length as “Jatco CVT8”, it fits in vehicles without significant modifications.

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