Toyota Motor Europe Invests in EODev to Further Expand Hydrogen Solutions

Toyota Motor Europe becomes a shareholder in the start-up EODev (Energy Observer Developments).
EODev and its partners are positioning themselves as a European leader capable of designing, assembling and distributing zero-emission energy systems on an industrial scale. 
In early 2020, EODev and TME Fuel Cell Business integrated Toyota’s leading fuel cell technology in the Energy Observer boat, ahead of its Atlantic and Pacific Ocean crossings. This marked Toyota’s expansion into a new business area where it has become a fuel cell technology supplier and integrator. Both companies worked together to develop hydrogen products around the Toyota modular fuel cell system. EODev’s REXH2© is a maritime hydrogen power solution that can be integrated into different kinds of ships, in full compliance with environmental and regulatory constraints. Their GEH2© stationary generator is another example of a zero-emission solution using the Toyota hydrogen technology.

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