Thin Thrust Needle Roller Bearing for Planetary Gear Mechanism


for use in automobile multistage automatic transmissions 
​Cage & Roller
Race with Inner Diameter Lip
​Race thickness
1.2 mm
​Diameter φ1 mm × Length 1.8
0.2 mm



When a planetary gear inclines due to moment load, the roller also rotates with an inclination, which causes friction loss due to the skew force-induced slide between the washer and planetary gear, placed at either end of the gear.
To reduce this sliding friction, NSK developed thin thrust needle roller bearings that can easily replace other washers of the same product dimensions. 

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  1. May a device be big or small, it’s important for a certain thing to function. Please always remember that every part of a certain device has its own function, so we should never underestimate the functions of small parts! Honestly, I am not familiar with what you’re talking about and the photo shown above was kind of new for me. But I had the eagerness to read it because the feature was just short. It was indeed a good experience knowing the function of this thin thrust needle!

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