The Start of Operations of Four Hydrogen Gas Trucks with Electric Driveline in Norway

As always, Scania’s work is based on a modular approach. In the four trucks deployed in ASKO’s operations, the internal combustion engine in the powertrain is replaced by an electric machine, powered by electricity from fuel cells fed with hydrogen and from rechargeable batteries. The rest of the powertrain is composed of the same standard components used in the hybrid trucks and buses that Scania already delivers.
Facts about the truck:

  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 26+1 tonnes
  • Configuration: 6×2*4
  • Powertrain: 290 kW electric machine/210 kW continuous output, 2-speed transmission, 2200 Nm peak torque
  • Installed battery capacity: 56 kWh Li-ion
  • On-board charger: 22 kW AC with CCS charging interface
  • Fuel cell: 90 kW PEFC delivered from a third party
  • Hydrogen storage: 33 kg @350 bar
  • Estimated range: 400-500 km

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