Schaeffler iCM2.1: Intelligent Corner Module

Steering, propulsion and braking in a single module

Enables modular chassis and vehicle architecture
Compact design
Minimized turning circle
Driving functions: Turning on the spot, Lateral driving, Crab walk
Maximizes useable space in vehicle

Drive-by-wire and fail operational on system level
Reliability by multiple redundant chassis actuators and sensors
Four corner steering (Driving mode: +/- 45°, Parking mode: 90°) and driving
Vehicle class L7e/ M1/ M2
Vehicle mass from <1.0 to up to 3.9 t
Chassis and driving functions controlled by Schaeffler Drive Control
Distributed safety logic on hardware and software level
Control interface suitable tor highly automated and autonomous driving
Powered by Schaeffler PowerWheel, a scalable in-wheel motor with high torque output

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