S32K Microcontroller




Cortex-M based core for next generation processing and peripherals with CAN FD, robust hardware security and ultra low power performance
Broad family scalability – Hardware and software compatible families with multiple performance, peripheral and package options up to 125℃ (Ta) 
High integration – Cortex-M4/M0+ based processors, CAN FD, hardware security, low power and ASIL-B safety level 
Broad flash scalability: 128 KB – 2 MB
32-bit Arm Cortex-M core up to 112 MHz 
CSEc Hardware Security Module 
Ultra low power operation 
Automotive grade AEC-Q100 qualified 
S32 Design Studio IDE, automotive grade SDK (Software Development Kit), NFC stack and AUTOSAR MCAL / OS and Arm Ecosystem development tools 

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