Lithium-ion Battery Pack for 48V-HEV


Prismatic Lithium-ion Battery Cell for HEVs

All in one battery pack which includes battery management system and JB (junction box)
The newly developed 48-volt lithium-ion battery pack is a highly integrated package that in addition to the BMS board and battery cells, includes a relay and fuse. With excellent low-temperature characteristics and approximately 1.5 times the output density of Hitachi’s previous battery cells, it is a highly reliable battery pack that, with its high-output prismatic lithium-ion cells, when assisting the acceleration of a motor using a 48-volt system, delivers a fully sufficient torque performance for a maximum output of 10 kW or more and maximum input of 13kW or more (for 10 seconds in each case). Moreover, the compact design of the battery pack helps to increase the degree of installation freedom in the passenger compartment. (Source: Hitachi Automotive Systems)

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