Pre-Emptive On-Demand Transfer Case

Pre-emptive and immediate response
Position-stable lock mode and active oil sump management
Available driveline disconnect and range shift-on-the-move variants
BorgWarner’s pre-emptive on-demand transfer case enhances AWD function by connecting to the vehicle’s control systems and monitoring signals including but not limited to steering wheel angle, accelerator pedal position and wheel speed. Based on this data, BorgWarner’s centrifugal electro-hydraulic (CEH) actuator distributes the required torque between the two axles by compressing the clutch pack, allowing the AWD transfer case to deliver pre-emptive and precise linear clutch actuation for immediate response, enhanced vehicle traction and stability control. In addition, it is equipped with BorgWarner’s HY-VO transfer case chain, which is optimized for high efficiency and durable performance. The transfer case also features an innovative pumpless design and sump management for improved fuel economy. To enhance performance and fuel efficiency, the compact chain and gear drive options reduce total vehicle weight and facilitate optimum packaging for space-constrained applications.

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