Power Tailgate System




The system consists of actuators and an ECU, which electrically open and close the tailgate.
​A sophisticated ECU providing functions of actuator speed control, latch motor control, and 
triple–sensing anti–pinch. 
As a notification feature, hazard indication by communication is available in addition to the buzzer drive circuit. 
CAN and LIN communications are supported as standard functions, allowing the system expansion through the link with other ECUs. 
Compliant with ISO26262 and AUTOSAR. 
The spindle type actuator can be a good substitute for the conventional gas damper. 
​Compatible design for both single and dual motor drive applications by adoptlng a newly-developed dedicated high-power motor.
Short length achieved with no friction generator.
The optimized lead screw angle also enables to hold the gate at a desired height whilst allowing manual operation. 

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