Nivomat Ride Height Damper


Oil reservior, Piston with damping valve for compression and rebound, ​Gas bag
Fully automatically and without additional electronic systems, this compact device pumps the vehicle up to its optimum ride height after only a few meters. The Nivomat takes the energy needed to do so from the relative movements of the wheel and the vehicle body. For every load condition, this maintenance-free system sets the ideal vehicle height, thus ensuring a safe and comfortable drive.
Responsiveness does not become fuzzy under high axle loads
Less driver fatigue
Less wear on tires and axle
Lower fuel consumption due to better aerodynamics
There are many vehicle applications, especially in mid-sized classes, such as station wagons, vans, SUVs and sedans that offer the Nivomat as an option. The Nivomat is available as a damper, spring damper, suspension strut, or suspension strut module.

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