Porsche 959 – Luftdruckkontrollsystem zur Reifen- und Radüberwachung

In order to keep the tyre pressure as constant as possible, essential for their correct working, a revolutionary rim/rubber complex was designed. At first Dunlop Denloes were selected, developed by Dunlop with the intention of producing a tyre closely derived from competition rubber, which even in the event of stripping would not explode or suddenly deflate, with the well-known dramatic consequences for car control (especially at high speeds). These tyres can also be used over long distances even with a puncture (run flat capability), particularly suitable for competition driving. In the definitive road version they were replaced by similar Bridgestones, 235/45 VR 17 8 in. rims in front and 255/45 (275/45 on request) VR 17 10 in. rims in the rear. The 959 alloy rims, with five spokes and a central locking nut, have a tyre pressure monitoring system incorporated. This is based on the hollow spokes which form a single chamber with the tyre itself. At the hub a sensor reads the pressure in the chamber and transmits it to the on-board computer, which cuts in an alarm below a certain pressure.

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