Lexus LS Front Seat

Toyota Boshoku


2018 Lexus LS

Quilting provides soft, flexible curves with varying thickness. Single out stitches produce a luxurious yet sportier impression.
Precision-control stitching and quilting by advanced sewing technologies.
Conventional 5-mm stitch interval reduced to 3.5 mm
Seat back
​Envelops the entire body
Proper posture helps reduce fatigue.
Seat cushion
Improved fit for the driver’s posterior

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  1. That front seat looks really classy! I heard that Lexus LS front seat is exclusively being installed in Toyota Boshoku units. Too bad because I am not a boshoku owner and I will never have the chance to have this front seat. Though I am satisfied with all the features and stuff I see on my unit, there are still things I want to upgrade on my car. I just have to list it up first, but there are things I really want to change so that more convenience can be achieved while I am inside my car. I am waiting for my proper budget to come.

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