LEONI HPC (High Power Charging) Cables

Several factors interact while charging: the electric power of the charging port, the charging technology fitted in the vehicle and the size of the vehicle’s battery. Charging times have been cut from several hours to a few minutes by technological advancements. However, cables with a reduced diameter that makes them easy to handle at the charging station would seriously overheat without active cooling. Leoni has developed a special HPC cable for liquid-cooled charging systems so that the temperatures in the cable and on the connector do not exceed a set limit. Thanks to LEONiQ – Leoni’s innovative cable technology – the charging cable becomes an intelligent system solution that can monitor the charging process in the cloud and optimise it.
Fast charging at charging stations, for example in about five minutes for a range of 100 kilometres
Allow much longer ranges than before
High charging power up to 500 KW
Transporting high charging currents
Small diameter, highly flexible and lightweight, therefore easy to handle at the charging station
Active liquid cooling as protection against overheating
Increased safety in the design as an intelligent charging cable iHPC: In combination with intelligent technology (LEONiQ) => sensory monitoring and digital evaluation of parameters such as temperature, tightness, mechanical load
Can be combined with status-triggered lighting function
Can be used anywhere, supporting all types of line charging available on the market
​Approvals for the European, American, Japanese and Chinese markets

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