LED / Laser Light


BMW 7 Series

Glare-free spot high beam
Glare-free spot high beam
High beam – basic
2 x Oslon Black Flat 1×3
3 x Oslon Compact

​The laser high beam module has a range of 600 meters. The innovative new feature of the lighting system is that this outstanding range can also be used while operating the high beam in glare-free mode.
Turn indicator
Low beam – cut off
Low beam -basic
6 x Oslon Compact Yellow
5 x Oslon Compact
8 x Oslon Compact

Blue efect (Daytime running light and parking light)
Daytime running light and parking light
Cornering light
2 x 2 APT (Advanced Power TOPLED)
3 x Oslon Compact
3 x Oslon Compact

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  1. If you are into cars, even the smallest details matters to you. Different types of headlight are available on the market. Some are cheap, but the high end types are all great! The one you had above is a high end type and most of the sports car users prefer having it customized on their cars. Looking at it, I can say that it’s really beautiful and worth the price!

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