LED Interior Lighting

Toyoda Gosei

Various LED lighting units create comfortable interior space.

Color variations

Footwell lights
Console box lights
Cup holder lights

LED units are used in illumination of various parts of the vehicle, including floor lighting and compartment lighting. They are smaller and consume less energy than conventional light bulbs.
Colored caps enables subtle color ​variations

Warning lamps


LED lamp modules for inside handles

These units illuminate the interior door handle area with a soft light to improve visibility at night. They also give the interior cabin a cozy atmosphere.

Courtesy lamps



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    The LED lamps are very useful and I am hoping that more people will know know this and use it at their homes. It could be very self especially when we are in need ion signs in our houses. Tis could be a huge help, we just have to make a research on how we can make it work for us. In some cases, there are home owners who used it as part of the interior doors design as it gives a different illuminating effect to everyone who sees it! But I am pretty sure that there’s more things this LED lamps can offer.

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