BorgWarner Intelligent Cam Torque Actuation (iCTA)

iCTA is a variable cam timing technology suitable for both combustion and popular hybrid applications
A great addition to BorgWarner’s variable cam timing (VCT) technology, iCTA blends the best attributes of cam torque actuation (CTA) and torsional assist (TA) phaser technologies for better efficiency and improved fuel economy.
BorgWarner’s intelligent cam torque actuator allows the engine to be tuned for optimal opening and closing of the valves to maximize airflow when the engine needs it, and minimize it when it doesn’t. As the cam shaft spins, it oscillates due to cam torque and the iCTA captures the cam torque and uses its energy to augment the energy from the engine oil pump. The technology operates with front-mounted variable-force solenoid controls and a center-mounted spool valve that is contained within the bolt, which mounts the phaser to the cam shaft. In addition, it offers an optional passive mid-position lock (MPL) technology that ensures a failsafe return to lock at the mid-position for reliable engine starts under any operating condition.

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