InfoSeat System

Establishes technologies to intuitively and reliably convey information to the driver through sound and vibration, using auditory and tactile senses.
​The auditory prompts from the car navigation system are directed tothe ear, and can also be conveyed through seat vibrations. This ensures that the driver can clearly grasp the instructions, and prevents the driver from failing to hear the instructions or making a mistake.

The internal microphone picks up the driver’s voice so that the driver’s conversations with passengers and phone conversations are played on the speaker. Voices can be heard clearly, making conversations smooth.

The driver is notified and warned through both auditory prompts and vibrations of the angle of approaching objects and when the driver seems about to drive the wrong way, or is swerving outside of the lane, or the car in front has started moving. Vibrations can indicate direction.

​Voice and vibration prevent sleeping. Optimal vibration patterns can keep the driver comfortably awake. In addition, the audio and vibrations when driving are being assessed and verified in conjunction with the use scenes and patterns.

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