Hyundai Nexo Exterior Aerodynamic Features

NEXO features a number of aerodynamic design features, including a D-pillar air tunnel, front wheel air curtains, aerodynamic wheel design, auto-flush door handles and hidden wipers. These contribute to an overall Cd of 0.32, excellent for an SUV of this size.
The wheel air curtains reduce drag by directing air over and around the front wheels via the stylish ducts within the front bumper.

Auto flush door handle


D-pillar air tunnel

From the side, the long rear spoiler with its integrated rear wiper is a visual continuation of the floating roof design. Together with a specially designed air duct in the D-pillar, it helps to improve air flow.
The exclusive 19” alloy wheels have been optimised to allow as much air as possible to pass smoothly over the wheel’s surface while still allowing enough air flow to reach the brakes for cooling. 

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