HV DC/DC Converter


Ensures energy flow between the high voltage and the low voltage boardnet in hybrid and electric vehicles.
Precharge function from 0 V
AUTOSAR compliant SW architecture
Buck and boost mode for bi-directional energy flow
Customizable for input voltages of 800 V and output voltages of 48 V
For hybrid and electric applications
DC/DC power scalable up to 3.6 kW
Output current one phase: 160 A at 14.5 V cont.
Output current two phase: 250 A at 14.5 V cont.
Nom. operating voltage range HV: 250 V up to 475 V
Nom. operating voltage range LV: 9 V up to 16 V
Temperature range: –40°C up to +85°C
Safety Level: ASIL B (D), ASIL C optional

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