Hub Bearing with Steering Assist Function


With conventional steering device, the tires being turned are set at a fixed angle depending on the angle of the steering wheel being operated. While driving, it was not possible to change to an optimal setting for each driving condition, such as moving in a straight line or cornering.
sHUB is a module product that can correct the steering angle at the left and right wheel separately and it can be installed onto a vehicle’s front wheel steering and the suspension system without changing the existing steering device.
​Hub bearing

The motor of the actuator is controlled by the controller with vehicle speed and steering wheel angle as the input conditions. The rotary motion of the motor is transmitted to the trapezoidal screw nut through a reducer and converted to linear motion.

sHUB is a system intended to improve vehicle linear stability and fuel efficiency, as well as to improve vehicle cornering stability and risk avoidance in emergencies such as slippage. The system also has potential for applications in future autonomous vehicles for risk avoidance behavior.

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