Hino Profia FR1AWHG Based Heavy-Duty Fuel Cell Truck

Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) and Hino Motors, Ltd. (Hino) have agreed to jointly develop a heavy-duty fuel cell truck, and to proceed with initiatives toward its practical use through verification tests and other means.
The chassis is specially designed with the optimum packaging for a fuel cell vehicle, and steps are being taken through comprehensive weight reduction to ensure a sufficient load capacity.
The powertrain is equipped with two Toyota fuel cell stacks that have been newly developed for Toyota’s next Mirai and includes vehicle driving control that applies heavy-duty hybrid vehicle technologies, developed by Hino. Also, cruising range will be set at approximately 600 km, aiming to meet high standards in both environmental performance and practicality as a commercial vehicle.
FC stack: Toyota FC Stack (Polymer electrolyte fuel cell)
Motor: AC synchronous
High-pressure hydrogen tank: Developing a new large capacity high pressure (70MPa) hydrogen tank
Battery: Lithium ion battery
Cruising range (proposed): Approx. 600 km (*in integrated city and highway driving cycle; Toyota and Hino internal measurements)

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