High Performance Inertial Sensor for HAD Systems (SMU2xy)

Bosch Semiconductors

Highly automated driving (HAD) requires precise informations about the vehicle’s movements.
The sensor data is used for lane keeping during a safe stop or to verify movement information derived from camera image or steering angle sensor. The SMU2 family offers excellent offset stability over the entire temperature range.

SMU2 sensors feature a single-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer.
Typical applications include localisation by combining the GNSS position information with the sensor’s data, resulting in a significantly more precise positioning.
The combination of a SMU200 with two SMU210 makes a capable of measuring all 6 degrees.

Output: SPI (serial peripheral interface)
Total offset error: ±0.25 °/s
Package: CLCC16

High performance yaw rate sensor (Ωz) and 3-axis accelerometerSMU200±300 °/s (Ωz)
±6 g (axyz)
High performance pitch / roll sensor (Ωx) and 3-axis accelerometerSMU210±300 °/s (Ωx)
±6 g (axyz)

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