GM Driver Attention System (DAS)


2020 Cadillac CT6

Key technology for the Cadillac CT6 Super Cruise system, the intent of the DAS is to train the driver to pay attention to the road in order to safely take control of the vehicle if needed.
Namely by determining 1) the driver´s visual attention state, 2) the driver’s control state by sensing both hand touch and grip on the steering wheel, and 3) communicating with the driver safely through a light bar incorporated in the steering wheel. The DAS does not record pictures, sound or video.
While Super Cruise is engaged, an escalating series of prompts lets the driver know if the DAS camera senses that more attention should be paid to the road ahead. The steering wheel light bar provides a status of system operation, including when the system is steering and when the driver needs to manually steer the vehicle. Super Cruise can be overridden at any time by steering, braking or accelerating.

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