Front Stabilizer Bar Disconnect


2021 Ford Bronco

The available front stabilizer bar disconnect off a unique to the segment design for increased articulation across the vehicle to help you up, over and around large obstacles.

BWI Group



Solenoid valves
Pressure sensors 
Hydraulic valve block with internal check valves

Stabilizer bar ends are disconnected and free to move on their own.
The solenoid valves are open and the piston (immersed in fluid) is free to move as fluid flushes in and out of the chambers on both sides of the piston.
Full suspension travel is possible. Wheel articulation is not limited by the stabilizer bar.
Stabilizer bar ends are now connected.
Both solenoid valves are closed, preventing fluid flow. The piston is hydraulically locked.
Total suspension roll stiffness is increased and vehicle body roll angle limited while cornering.

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