Flexframe with Crash Management System and Battery Tray

BENTELER Electric Drive System 2.0


Structural frame (Flexframe)

The Flexframe consists of a multi-part sill, the crossbars and the aluminum die cast node. The three-component sill is made of an outer extrusion profile capable of deformation, a rigid inner profile and a top extrusion profile. The extrusion profile separates this section from the vehicle body.
Crash management systems achieving pole test and offset crash requirements
The battery tray is screwed to the sill and the crossbars of the Flexframe. Together with the Flexframe, it creates a rigid structure with ideal deformation characteristics for lateral crashes.
To ensure that the leak tightness requirements of the battery tray are met, Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) welding , structural bonding and self-tapping screws are used as joining technologies.

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