EV Inverter with Double-Sided Direct Water Cooling Power Module

Hitachi Automotive Systems

A newly developed version of the power module (old version) features lower inductance in the heavy current wiring and better heat dissipation from the power semiconductors so that they can operate at maximum performance. The lower inductance was achieved by a circuit layout that induces eddy currents in the cooling fins on both side surfaces of the power semiconductors and by running multiple wires next to each other to cancel out their surrounding magnetic flux. Similarly, high heat dissipation was achieved by reducing the thermal resistance of the internal insulation layer.

Power modules

The inverter for the Audi e-tron
In the rack, the power modules are cooled on both sides and held so that the gate driver board can be plugged directly onto their contact pins and contacted. Despite the double-sided cooling and the compact footprint, the overall height of the component is just 82 mm.
The Hitachi Automotive Systems inverter adopted by Audi was specifically developed and designed for EVs, and provides high power density output that helps to maximize motor performance. Specifically, this inverter is equipped with a compact, high-efficiency power module with double-sided cooling and a built-in next-generation insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT). 

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