ElringKlinger ElroActive Systems

Active thermal conditioning of exhaust systems in the underbody area

(Pre-) Heating for earlier functional exhaust aftertreatment (addressing cold starts)
Maintaining thermal conditions (e.g. keeping temperature level at stop/start phases)
Increased efficiency of catalysts via surface heating in low-load operation
Ensuring the full function of particulate filter systems

Possibility to reduce NOx / CO2 Trade-off
Potential reduction of more than 50% NOx (Euro 6 Diesel passenger cars) possible
Faster achievement of urea injection temperatures in diesel applications
Flexibility with respect to complex geometric boundary conditions
Cascaded operation possible (e.g. different power levels along the exhaust systems or depending on the operating scenario)
Integration in convention shielding systems possible
Retrofitting of existing exhaust systems (Euro 6)
Cost-optimized option for reaching future emission limits

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