Electro-Hydraulic Steering System Servotwin



Overall system

Electro-hydraulic steering system for heavy commercial vehicles

​The electro-hydraulic steering system offers speed-dependent steering support with active response and consumes less fuel than purely hydraulic steering

​Electric servo unit

The Servotwin augments the RB-Servocom hydraulic steering gear by one electric servo unit. In addition to the steering wheel actuating torque, the servo unit can increase the torque acting upon the steering gear.


The housing of RB-Servocom comprises steering valve, working cylinder, as well as a complete mechanical steering gear.

Helical gear drive

The main components of the electric servo unit are the electric motor, helical gear drive, control unit, torsion bar and a torque/steering angle sensor
Thanks to its electronic inter-face, the steering system is simultaneously the basis for driver assistance functions such as a lane-keeping assistant or cross-wind compensation.

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