Electrical Four Wheel Drive Unit (eAxle)


PHV conversion made possible by installing add-on to the rear part of vehicle
Suitable for premium 4WD vehicles at reasonable price
​Also available for EV units
Installation of a unit that moves the rear wheels by motor makes it possible to convert a conventional gasoline-powered vehicle into a plug-in hybrid. Also, control of the front and rear wheels can be optimized for stable 4WD without sideways skidding.
Reduction gear
Compact reduction gear by strength design exclusively for motors
Ratio: 8-12.5
High efficiency water-cooled IPM (Interior Permanent Magnet) motor
Maximum torque: 250 Nm
​Maximum speed: 15650 rpm


Example of installation of the system

Maximum power
106 kW (Battery voltage: 350V)
Maximum torque
2400 Nm
Cooling system
Water cooling

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