Electric Vacuum Pump EVP 40


From the initial concept, product development is like a journey through various topic areas and stations. These include, to name but a few, issues of design and configuration, simulations, the analysis of temperature measurements as well as accelerated ageing tests. At the end of the journey there are extensive NVH and durability tests.
During the development phase, special emphasis was placed on reliability and life-span. After all, vehicle performance must be assured at all times, and the brake system, in particular, assumes top priority from in this respect. Other important aspects were endurance strength and performance reproducibility. The pump was required to undergo an extensive testing regime, including temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +120 °C. A specifically developed non-electronic robust brush motor was designed to provide the necessary efficiency.
On hybrid vehicles, electric vacuum pumps allow all-electric motion with the IC engine switched off. At the same time, the power braking function is fully available. This type of pump also allows the vehicle to run in coasting mode, with the engine switched off and disconnected for additional fuel savings thanks to reduced drive train resistance (extended start-stop operation).

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