Electric External Actuator eExAct

Kongsberg Automotive

The electric external clutch actuator is developed for use in AMT applications as well as clutch-by-wire (CbW) solutions. The actuator has fully integrated electronics, only requiring power and position signal to operate.
The eExAct has very low response time with high accuracy, which is vital in modern AMT and CbW systems. The actuator has been designed for the most challenging environments and to last for the lifetime of the vehicle.
The actuator will detect and adjust to the clutch wear and tolerance position. This will result in drastically improved and consistent performance over life 
The actuator is designed to fulfill ASIL requirements 
Communication with the integrated ECU via CAN or PWM-input 
The eExAct can be adapted to all clutch characteristics both for medium and heavy duty 
The mechanical interface to the clutch housing may be adapted to suit most applications including both “side” and “front” mounted

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