ECOPIA with Ologic for Solar Car


Bridgestone ECOPIA with ologic tyre

The tyre provides high grip on both wet and dry road surfaces. It combines large diameter with a narrow tread and high inflation pressure to minimize tyre deformation around the contact patch to reduce rolling resistance. The narrow tread reduces air resistance. Grip performance on wet roads is also improved due to the combination of an exclusive newly developed tread pattern and an exclusive new tyre compound.

Solar-powered car

Car Name​
Kogakuin University (Japan)
Second Place at 2015 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge
Cruiser Class

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  1. I love the exterior design of this solar car. In the first look, you won’t even notice that this is a solar car. I’d love to get my hands on the equipment used for this. This is miles ahead, in terms of quality and energy saving compared to other automobiles. I’ll research for more information about this car.

  2. Do you know the rolling resistance of the tires?

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