E-mobility for Truck Trailers


Electric refrigerated trailer: saving up to 9,000 liters of fuel, and thus also CO2
Recuperation of energy
Trailer is self-powered
Car components as an affordable solution
Bosch supplies an inverter and the relevant vehicle control unit (VCU). The separate motor generator (SMG) is available for installation as a complete electric motor, or the active components – rotor, stator, and resolver – can be integrated into the axle. A battery system that can store the energy is also required.
The electrified axle uses components from passenger cars. The SMG180 electric motor used in the application is already utilized in large numbers of electric and hybrid vehicles, such as the German postal service’s StreetScooters.
The trailer’s electrified axle gains energy while braking and driving downhill (recuperation), thereby supplying the truck’s power units. The reduced fuel consumption lowers costs and emissions, while noise levels decrease as well.

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