Digital Cockpit Platform



Screen down

The Mirror Replacement Vision System provides a front/back HD camera and display system instead of physical side and rear-view mirrors. It gives three-split-view for key moments such as changing lanes or parking.

Ambient lighting

The Digital Cockpit’s three knobs have a circular display akin to Samsung’s Gear S watch, so users can directly and intuitively use them. The customizable knobs can be set to functions most frequently used by the driver, such as clock, temperature, volume and Bixby.
The Cluster Display in front of the driver uses a 12.3-inch OLED and provides driving information such as speed and RPM. Infotainment is handled by a 28-inch QLED Central Information Display (CID) and Passenger Display, using the integrated solutions for multiple displays running on a single chip. Below these displays is the Control Display, a 12.4-inch curved OLED that enables control of other features such as air conditioning.

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