Curved 3D Display Lightfield Instrument Cluster

12.3” (2400×900) Display
Lightfield Backlight 8 Views (horizontal)
1000mm radius of curvature
3D brightness 1200 cd/m²

Thanks to the curved display surface, which is specially adapted to the human field of view, the user experience is increasingly improved. With this, the solution reduces the distortion of the 3D features towards the left and right borders where the display curves are, thus creating a more natural, immersive driving experience. In addition, the curved shape of the display offers new possibilities for vehicle design. The 3D effect itself can be experienced from different angles without special glasses or head-tacking camera thanks to the integrated Lightfield technology developed in conjunction with Leia Inc. Therefore, complex lighting effects are possible which are following the users head movement while adapting to the correct perspective.

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