Controllable Cool-Air Inlet


Audi e-tron (type GE)

A module with two louvers, which are opened and closed by small electric motors as required, sits between the Singleframe and the radiators. Each louver is made up of three slats. Guiding elements and molded-foam parts seal off the area in front of the controllable cool-air inlet so that the incoming air does not generate any swirl. At the same time, the foam absorbs impact energy with a collision at low speed, thus also contributing to pedestrian protection.
At speeds between 48 and 160 km/h (29.8 – 99.4 mph), the Audi e-tron closes both louvers where possible to improve the airflow. If cooling air is required for drivetrain components or the air conditioning condenser, it initially opens the top and then both louvers. Thanks to powerful recuperation, the hydraulic wheel brakes of the Audi e-tron are seldom used. If they are required, say, for negotiating a steep mountain pass with a full battery, the controllable cool-air inlet opens and releases two ducts which channel the cooling air into the front wheel arches to the friction brake. 

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